Company Services

People-oriented, pioneering, innovation and constantly striving for transcendTaking market customer demand as the basis for enterprise development and replying on leading technology, advanced management with high quality and efficiency and quality philosophy “seeking for great perfection”, the company provides first-class products to numerous customers to meet their needs. In addition, the company improves customer satisfaction, achieves the company’s benefits and ensures its sustainable development through continuous pursue and transcend
Corporate Culture
Wishes become beliefs through striving in several difficulties; while beliefs show great charm through constant struggling. Relying on its beliefs, Jiangyin No. 3 Foundry Machinery walks on its road step by step after a long trek. Relying on its beliefs, Jiangyin No. 3 Foundry Machinery grows sapling into big tree through winds and rains. Care themselves, care corporate. Mix hardness with happiness and carefree, combine tiredness into enrichment. Persistence leads to powerfulness. Elevate mind into taste, achieve self-cultivation into state and make dream come true
About Us
      Established in 1990, Jiangyin No.3 Foundry Machinery Co.,Ltd has been engaging in R & D and engineering system integration in foundry technologies and facilities. For more than twenty years unremitting efforts,Jiangyin No.3 Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd have been a most supplier of ...【More
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